Web Services and Security


Cloud Infrastructure Services

cloud based implementations, covering server virtualisation, Solaris or Linux based virtual servers, VPN, software defined networks and storage.

Deployment Orchestration

automation of cloud implementations

Identity Managment

LDAP based directory services, centralised management of identities and authentication, multi-factor authentication

Payment Services

Integrate online payment services like PayPal or Ingenico (former Ogone)

Web Security

Multi Factor Athentication, OAuth2 delegation, SSL/TLS and reverse proxies.

Information Security

ISO27000 audits and implementation assessments and recommendations for improvement.

Open Source Software

Today, there is a wide variety of high quality open source software freely available, this makes it a very attractive alternative to closed source or propriatary software. However, getting things right can be challenging. Optaris assists its customers in the selection, implementation and management of the approriate open source software.

Solid Web Infrastructures

build on enterprise class open source projects